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About the Artist

Gene Pittman for the Walker Art Center

My work is structured through the creation of repetitive systems. Where better can this order be found than in the building blocks of life? From simple molecular structures to complex organisms, life grows blindly, motivated by creating self sustaining structures that foster survival. I see my work as an aspect of nature.

It was not my intention to create system-based art, but I feel that abstraction and the use of logic, systems and patterns is a powerful language, and it is important to me that the viewer has an accessible path to share in my exploration of it. I use common everyday materials like tape, wire, beads, tiles, fishing line, office supplies or anything that comes in multiples as my inspiration. One pattern may involve covering from ceiling to floor, a wall or room with consecutive rows of tape. Each successive layer conforms to the imperfections of the pervious row where by a subtle crease evolves into a voluminous shape. Another system may use a mathematical system to organize hand-made or fabricated units. Recently I have been working with beads because of their cellular shape. Over the years I realized that on some level all of my work has been an exploration of mini life forms, albeit abstract, and the introduction of beads has opened up a whole new world of color and pattern building for me. The enormous task of both building and attaching the units underscores the complex relationship between a rigid and fixed system with the limitations of the material and the maker.

No matter how complex it gets, systems are ultimately transparent and understandable, yet within its own confines of logic, there seems to be infinite possibilities for discovering unexpected beauty and experiences. I am inspired by the challenge of doing something with machine-like precision while knowing that the fallibility of the human condition will come into play, creating unpredictable and complex beauty.

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